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I'm over 50 and been running off and on since 1968. I have run everything from 800m to 10k on the track, to half marathons (PB 1:21 Brisbane 1993) and marathons (PB 2:53 Gold Coast 1985).

Sunday, August 22, 2010

BRRC 10 Mile Champs

It was the 10 mile champs at the Road Runners Club this morning. A nice chill in the air made for perfect running conditions. In the last three weeks since the Marathon, I have made sure that I haven't pushed it and have allowed my body to recover fully.  So I guess I was fresh for this one and I ran a pleasing race with a time of 70:19 (4:22 pace) and a 2nd in my Age Category.  Splits for the three 5k laps were 21:56, 21:40, 21:57.

Although the highlight of the morning was the surprise World Cup gifts from the wonderful Clairie which I found very touching. I will certainly treasure them more than the bling.

Since the marathon I have had another of my quarterly CT scans and once again have been given the all clear . So I can now set some goals for the next three months.

The plan is to train towards two races at the BRRC in November. A 10k race on the 14th November and a 5k on the 28th November. So that gives me 12 weeks before the first race to work on my speed. I am looking forward to it after the last eight month of base building.


  • At Mon. Aug. 23, 06:58:00 pm AEST, Blogger Ewen said…

    As long as one of her gifts wasn't a vuvuzela!

    That's a great time (and splits). I reckon you'll run something special for those races later in the year. Glad the scans were clear. Onward and upward!

  • At Tue. Aug. 24, 04:15:00 pm AEST, Blogger Bay said…

    Looks like your legs already have a bit of speed in them, so a few weeks of sharpening should see some good times!

    Good to hear about the scans. Must be heartening.

  • At Wed. Sep. 08, 07:45:00 am AEST, Blogger Scott Brown said…

    I was going to say what Ewen said!
    Clairie is a doll, isn't she. You're cruising now Robert Song.

  • At Tue. Sep. 21, 12:48:00 am AEST, Blogger TokyoRacer said…

    Congratulations on the marathon and now the 10 miler.
    You are certainly back in fighting shape.
    I happened to click onto your blog from Speedygeoff's, but nice to see that my friends Ewen and Scott have been following your progress as well.


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