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I'm over 50 and been running off and on since 1968. I have run everything from 800m to 10k on the track, to half marathons (PB 1:21 Brisbane 1993) and marathons (PB 2:53 Gold Coast 1985).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two in a row

Basically the same week of training as last week gives me two 100 K weeks in a row.

My runs through the week showed show improvement despite my feet swelling up again for a few days. My long run on Sunday was an almost an identical time to last week which was slightly disappointing.  Whilst I will enter a few races this year I am not really targeting any in particular as I really just need to build up the endurance base before I can get serious about a top performance.  Still I am tossing up whether to do a few weeks with some speed work prior to the Gold Coast Half or just continue with the base building which will be of more benefit to me getting through the Brisbane Marathon on 1st August without too much of a struggle. The beauty of my situation at the moment is in the end it really matters little which way I go.

I am now on two weeks annual leave and will be watching all the World Cup games I can in that time.

Scott, I am impressed with your memory. I did in fact turn my ankle on a giant seed pod about this time of year in 2008 and I did go on to run 3:12 at GCM that year.  This year though something around 3:40- 3:45 will be closer to what I will be capable of.


  • At Wed. Jun. 16, 03:39:00 pm AEST, Blogger Ewen said…

    I bet the 100k weeks will drop now that the World Cup is on ;)

    3:40/5 would be a great result considering where you were a few short months ago.

  • At Wed. Jun. 16, 07:54:00 pm AEST, Blogger Scott Brown said…

    Terrific Robert Song

    I knew you'd be watching the World Cup! Did you see Japan's game? They could be the dark horses this time!

    What happened to the Aussies? I didn't see the match but it couldn't of been pretty.

  • At Thu. Jun. 17, 07:35:00 pm AEST, Blogger Bay said…

    I'm personally starting to think that Japan might be the ones to support - depending on what happens on Saturday night we may not have an Aussie team to support!

    I'm truly stunned with how fast you've recovered to those distances and aiming for a 3:40 in August.


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