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Monday, May 31, 2010

One Step at a Time

Well I have been trying to get back into a training rhythm after the distractions of the last few months but it just has not been possible.

I thought I had seen enough of hospitals last month but two weeks ago found myself once again in emergency with Kewell. He had come out with a temperature, a rash and aching joints. The GP sent us to the hospital for tests but no conclusive diagnosis although ruling out the nasties such as meningitis. Anyway it appears to be some sort of post-viral arthritis and the boy has not been well. The arthritis in his ankles, wrists, hips and shoulders really crippled him for a week.

On Thursday night last week, I was out to do a long run  (30k) which meant extending my run over the Goodwill Bridge and upriver through Southbank. As I was making my way down to the path by the river I completely missed a step and landed heavily on my right foot and rolled my ankle. Ouch!  It was pretty sore, so I turned back and rather gingerly did the 10k back to my work.  So I have had to give that a rest for a few days.

But I seem to have been able to do 10k tonight without any pain during or after the run. Now I just need to decide whether I will enter the Doomben Half on Sunday.

Still managed to clock up 281 ks for May. I know it is not in Scott Brown territory but from where I am coming from it is fine for me.


  • At Tue. Jun. 01, 09:53:00 am AEST, Blogger Scott Brown said…

    I feel like a star ;)

    You know I was running last night and coming down a hill at speed and walking up tapping a cane from side to side was this young blind woman. I thought then and now that what we do is really nothing compared to people that suffer with permanent disablities.

    All the same, I feel for kids that get crook. and hope your boy feels better soon.

  • At Wed. Jun. 02, 05:33:00 pm AEST, Blogger Ewen said…

    Yes, hope he's better soon.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Scott Brown cranking out a 281k week ;)

    Good luck at Doomben (if you go). I think Speedygeoff is running. By the way, I've decided to race the 10k at GC rather than the half, so I guess the smackdown is off. Although you could always run my 10k pace for the half.


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