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I'm over 50 and been running off and on since 1968. I have run everything from 800m to 10k on the track, to half marathons (PB 1:21 Brisbane 1993) and marathons (PB 2:53 Gold Coast 1985).

Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Ton

After rolling my ankle last week, I had three days off to let it recover. On Monday, I went for 9.5k to test it out and it seemed OK whilst running but still a little sore when I cooled down.

On Tuesday, I went for 13k and again it behaved itself but I was still a little wary when doing a turn on that side. This was the last day for entry to the Doomben Half without a late fee and I looked at this year's course and saw the number of 180 degree turns and thought that doesn't look ideal for a dodgy ankle. I also discovered that what I thought had been the last day had suddenly changed to being no longer applicable, so I made the decision to pull the pin on the event and just concentrate on steady base building for the rest of the week.

For the rest of the week I ran  Wed 14.5k,  Thur 13k , Fri 18.8k and this morning 31.5k. After such a tentative start to the week, I have managed to post just over the 100k for the week, something I haven't done since December 2008.

If I don't want the marathon on 1st August to be too much of a struggle, I am going to have to put in quite a few more 30+ runs over the next 8 weeks.


  • At Mon. Jun. 07, 06:56:00 pm AEST, Blogger Ewen said…

    I saw the course map - they couldn't have squashed it up more if they wanted! You missed a Smackdown with Speedygeoff.

    That's a solid week... but you're still 70k short of Scott Brown's easy weeks ;)

  • At Tue. Jun. 08, 10:03:00 am AEST, Blogger Scott Brown said…

    Didn't you also roll an ankle a couple of years ago trending on some tree branch or something? Ans as I the next race on recovery you did pretty well! Hope it's the same with this one. What marathon is on August 1st? Brisbane?

  • At Thu. Jun. 17, 07:32:00 pm AEST, Blogger Bay said…

    That's still a solid week especially with 2 months to go before the race! Nice to have the 100k under the belt I'd say!


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